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Common Creed


(I or We) acknowledge that light and darkness exist
that there is good darkness and bad light,
good light and bad darkness and strive to hold all in balance  

We gather our forces and energies, visible and invisible

To make for ourselves a haven on earth,

Expressing gratitude each year for our food and the harvest

And we live life in one light, the light of sun and moon,

Begotten from the ages

Light from light, expressed in black and white

through which all things are made

We acknowledge that light comes down from the heavens and becomes heat,

A salvation for us incarnated beings, in mind, body and spirit 

Who love, enjoy, suffer, endure and pass away, rising again in body and in memory according to our friendships, our cultures, and our families.

We aspire to the heavens and assent to our part as earth, judging between the values of the quick and the dead, caring for the earth and the kingdom of animals, whose endurance, with our faith, is our key reason to be; and we affirm the sanctity of life and water, especially as air from the trees, gathered from their bodies into ours, which in turn gives us life, which we return; we affirm the value of the multitude of humans and just animals in our gatherings and faiths; we cherish the memory of those who are gone, and strive for prosperity and peace for ourselves and the ones yet unborn; we work, rest and play to shine our true light and colours as the essence for which we gather and turn, as the sun and moon do daily and we are not afraid to pace against the dying of the dark and light, and we are grateful for those who assist us in healing, feeding, learning, playing and growing so that in life and death we may prosper and not sun burn.  

So, we are gathered and offer each other a hug as a sign of peace

Optionally with the words:

Call: Peace be unto you

Response: ….and unto you

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