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Scotland: England, Time to let Nicola’s people go

It is time for England to let Scotland go its own way if it votes to do so following a referendum, which a Labour government should guarantee. The union of the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Wales, not excluding the various duchies, are not threatened by electoral politics, they can be maintained as an economic… Continue reading Scotland: England, Time to let Nicola’s people go

The Jist @ The Vex

China marks tomb-sweeping day, honouring ancestors and visiting their graves; in the UK, the UK communist party marked the anniversary of the death of Helen McFarlane, the first translator of the Chinese Communist Manifesto from German into English; meanwhile in more contemporary news, Ms. Lam, the current Chief Executive of Hong Kong has said she… Continue reading The Jist @ The Vex

Is it curtains for Johnson?

Usually once the 1922 committee of the conservative party starts discussing the departure of a prime minister and/or party leader – it is our understanding that they are, in political power terms on their last legs; as such, Johnson may very well be out as Prime Minister before the end of this quarter.