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Oyigi: Commandment One

Pexel - Image of earth from outer space - Source: Pexels

One. Pray and observe the signs of the heavens, the waters and the earth and do not despoil them; assault and rape neither the heavens, the waters, neither the rivers, lakes, seas, or oceans nor the earth – do not litter, rape, assault, insult or despoil us, the earth – know and use us with… Continue reading Oyigi: Commandment One

Oyigi: Commandment Fifty

Garden, hunt and be our good gardeners, healers, hunters, farmers, and gatherers in maintaining the earth – the circle of living and life with the knowledge of your ital, and what yours and our body refuses and permits and in your care of the earth, make and leave green spaces and fallowness wherever it is… Continue reading Oyigi: Commandment Fifty